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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Newborn / Nursery Room

The vision for my newborn through infancy stage it’s to assist them with the advancement of their first year milestones. Everything from their beginning hand eye coordination,to their cooing sounds,head and neck control, to their upper body strength with sitting up on their own, nurturing them through the teething faze and eventually, helping them to develop their crawling, walking and talking skills .

​3-Year Old Preschool Class

With my toddlers I want to introduce and encourage them to work on their fine and large motor skills. So teaching them to hold their eating utensils to feed themselves, introduction to potty training, helping them with their speech and language, recognizing their shapes colors numbers and letters to start the process of their cognitive development.

Transitional Kindergarten Class

​Preschool to kinder age is such fun! In these stages of development I assist our little learners in areas of sharing, kindness, self responsibility, social /emotional advancement, good manners, academic readiness, self control, respect for theirselves and others, as well as safety and cleanliness. 

​Ms. Smiley's Date Night / Slumber Care

Need a night out with your spouse, friends or family? Work calling for you to go out of town for the weekends? I now offer overnight, weekend availability on a scheduled basis. Your children will be provided with activities, movies and more; along with all the proper necessities for their stay! Excited to hear more Information? See below for booking details!

 The brain capacity of our little ones is so remarkable! I believe with the team work and support of both parents save myself the provider, our babies can reach the highest levels of learning!

In order to protect the health and safety of our child care home during COVID-19 we are increasing our already thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting regimen. We want to reassure our families that along with kindness and love a clean safe and healthy environment is of our highest priorities!

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